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The company “ELA Blockchain Services” was established by the Electrical and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic to develop, establish and operate the ElA blockchain network.
“ELA Blockchain Services” is aimed to provide an independent, trustworthy, reliable and durable platform for the use of the blockchain technology to companies (legal entities) and their commercial projects. The platform is public in principle. Nevertheless, the access to products (services) is controlled to keep the declared long-term reliability and credibility.

Our platform enables the building of public, private or hybrid blockchains as an alternative to cryptocurrencies and cloud providers' blockchains.

Our business is building blockchains for use in industry, IoT and cybersecurity.

Our vision is to build a company unique in Europe and globally, which excels in the technological and procedural aspects of building and operating consortium type blockchains on a platform basis. The uniqueness and business potential of this platform will attract investors as well as technology and business partners who will use it and expand and build their businesses on it associated with blockchain applications. 

If you are interested in more, please email or call us.

Elektrotechnická associaceWe are a subsidiary company of the Electrical and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic. www.electroindustry.cz
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