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  What is ElA blockchain

Credibility of the network

Poetically speaking, the blockchain is the distributed trust. The system was not run as a “summer project” or a crown company. The project is the 100% subsidiary of the Electrical and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic. Why? We are serious. The Association wants to give members (and not only to them) a good and workable tool for the period of the digital ownership.

For this reason, the system is built differently than crypto-currencies. In the network, all the nodes (participants) are public and have to be trustworthy. The participants are added to the network manually. Any connection of 10,000 virtual computers from an IT farm overnight is therefore excluded.

The system is not controlled centrally. Already running nodes are out of our power and cannot be turned off. In the network, there is no command to delete a record.

The state is perceived as a partner and a user of the blockchain. We are not paranoid and do not want to build a parallel anarchist system. Instead, the tool is provided to all relevant entities.

Elektrotechnická associaceWe are a subsidiary company of the Electrical and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic. www.electroindustry.cz
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