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About the blockchain

As the technology of the digital ownership, the blockchain belongs among fundamental tools of the Industry 4.0.

The blockchain is a network of computers. In each computer, the same contents is stored. Instead of readable data, so-called hashes are stored. The hash is a special code calculated from documents. The hashes calculated from different documents (different data entities) are different.

However the reverse function, the reconstruction of the document from the hash, is not possible. This principle ensures that no sensitive data are exchanged.

In the network, the hashes are chronologically stored (together with the time stamp of saving).

This feature can be used for the verification whether the document existed at a given time or not. The hash can be always recalculated from the document (a PDF with a commercial contract, a musical notation of a song or information about a finished manufacturing operation) and the networks can be asked if this hash is stored or not. The network can be asked at any point (any network node) because information is stored in each computer connected to the network. That way, a very high level of trust is achieved - the network is not manipulated by a single central entity, nobody can shut down the system, nobody can change information.

Blockchain is a database shared in a public or private computer network. The network consists of nodes or computers, where a copy of the database is stored. As a result, the database is not lost if one of the nodes stops working. Each new record is mathematically encrypted to be added as an additional “block” of the database. Blockchain recording has to be approved by individual nodes in the network to verify that the record meets prescribed parameters and conditions. Individual records in the blockchain cannot be changed by return. The database is thus fraud-proof.

In the blockchain, only hashes (fingerprints of individual files) are stored. From those fingerprints, nobody is able to re-create the original file. Therefore, no sensitive data is stored in the network.

Join the blockchain:

The basic technological core and the BlockchainNotarius application is provided for free to everybody. To everybody who can be considered to be a trustworthy company.

The Notarius application can be used for own needs, needs of clients and partners. If further functionality is requested, you can contact us and we will help you to implement it.

It's like booking.com. Everybody gets a free access to the platform with a "single-bed hotel", with the Notarius application. And we will be pleased if you build (or ask for building) a custom application - a five-star hotel.

What is technically needed to connect? A computer with Linux (or raspberry), a connectivity, and a public IP. That's enough. Details can be found here.

Blockchain business:

A well-working platform and a good tool is the goal. We have no own ambition to make a business on the platform - the platform will be gladly provided to you (booking.com does not build own hotels as well). The blockchain can be used for your development. Contact us, and we will design a suitable solution for your assignment - international delivery of goods, documentation of in-house logistics, production operations or prevention of counterfeiting products.

The blockchain vision

Internet appeared in the Czech Republic at the beginning of nineties of the 20th century. People had only a foggy idea what does Internet is and what can be used for. And colleagues with the first "Internet address" were even slightly satirizing. What is it good for? Who will they write to? Who will write them? Only a few people in the country have the access… Internet is interesting, but not useful. What way can Internet change our lives? Contracts are signed in writing and sent by fax. Radio is for music, and television for images. There was no idea about social networks and services like uber, liftago, airbnb, google, wikipedia, street view, online webcams…

What am I speaking about? In many applications, the blockchain today replaces processes that have been mastered somehow. But the blockchain is believed to be a better, faster, greener, more reliable and safer solution.

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