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NEXPRO Communication s.r.o. provides corporate consulting in the field of market intelligence with specialization in business development, public affairs, ICT development and crisis management. It also is involved in the transfer of technology and in the last two years has been intensively engaged in the use and implementation of industrial blockchain.

NEXPRO Communication s.r.o. has built a unique project, Diplomachain, on our Elachain network, which secures the storage of diplomas or degree documents on the blockchain. At the same time, the Diplomachain application serves to store innovative records of applied research. It ensures a permanent record of the existence of a document with innovative potential in order to capture the origin of the work at the moment of its creation, even before its possible application in the form of a patent or registered design.

Picture No. 1: The Principle of the Diplomachain Application 

Diplomachain is already being used by the University of Logistics in Prerov to store MBA degrees. Furthermore, the Faculty of Applied Informatics at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, who has achieved an original research work, has the possibility through Diplomachain to establish their primacy and also to guarantee the security of this position before a registered design or patent is filed.

Picture No. 2: Example of MBA Degree Verification in the Diplomachain Application

The indisputable advantage of this project is the certainty offered to potential employers of the authenticity of a document and, for other entities, the unequivocal proof that there is a way to gain more confidence in the realm of educational background, etc.

More information can be found on the Diplomachain project website or directly from NEXPRO Communication, s.r.o.:
Lenka Čílová (Head of project)
tel.: +420 737 142 192


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