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Czech blockchain branches out into Asia

Advantech Co. is one of the top ten technology companies in Taiwan. For its partners and customers, it operates the WISE-PaaS cloud platform on which it offers cloud solutions for industrial applications.


The ELA Blockchain is also a part of this platform as of January 6, 2021. We offer the Blockchain Notarius application here, which allows easy authenticity verification of a copy of a digital file. Here it is intended for customers in the Asia-Pacific region as a shared service on a blockchain node, which was set up for this purpose in Tokyo. In addition to Czech, Blockchain Notarius is available in English, Taiwanese and simplified Chinese. A Japanese language version is also being developed. Details can be found here: https://wise-paas.advantech.com/en-us/marketplace/product/ela.blockchain-notarius


Customers in Asia must pay for a subscription to use the Blockchain Notarius application, which is offered free of charge to owners of blockchain nodes in the Czech Republic. The developers of ELA Blockchain Services, in cooperation with the R&D division of Advantech Blockchain Notarius, integrated the platform's administration and charging systems.


Integrating Blockchain Notarius is only the first step. Advantech plans to use the ELA blockchain in the Intelligent Hospital Scenarios Project. The protection and the authenticity verification of medical data is an a particularly sensitive issue in Japan, so Advantech is responding by developing its own solution. ELA Blockchain Services is therefore preparing other services for the platform, such as dedicated blockchain nodes or private blockchain channels.


The ELA blockchain and the services currently offered in Asia have been available to companies in the Czech Republic free of charge for almost a year. Ironically, the industrial blockchain project created in the Czech Republic especially for Czech companies and institutions is finding more application in Asia.


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